Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daddy-o in Training

As you can see from my "Upcoming Events," I will be heading down to Florida in a few weeks for Warrior Dash. My little sis and I decided we wanted to give this a shot, and somehow I convinced my dear husband to join us. Now, he really has been giving this fitness thing a go in the past few months, and I'm so proud of him for that, but I'm not sure he's really caught the "bug" yet. Honestly, he thinks some of this stuff is a little crazy. (GASP! I can't imagine why anyone would think that!) In fact, when I first heard about Warrior Dash and told him I thought it'd be fun, I think his exact words were, "There's something wrong with your idea of fun." Since then he's completed three 5ks (including a super-hard "oh-my-goodness-I'll-never-do-that-again" trail race) and a 5-mile relay leg at Disney, and he's gained some confidence in his running abilities along the way. (My oldest munchkin just read this and would like for me to add that he ran two of the 5ks with Daddy-o. Good job, buddy! We're not forgetting about you.) Moving on...
So, here we are, all signed up and ready for the "craziest frickin' day" of our lives, as the peeps over at W.D. say.

Daddy-o realized when we hit 1-1-11 that he hasn't done too much running (O.K. no running - I was trying to be kind) since his last 5k in late November. He committed to step up his game AND add in some strength training, too! Woo-hoo! Go Daddy-o!

Well, being the oh-so-helpful wife that I am, I agreed to put together a little training schedule for him. (I promise I kept the evil laughter to myself!) And so it began - Daddy-o in training in our living room! Fun times!

Day 1 was strength training, simply because our schedule didn't allow for outdoor running time. I used this as an opportunity for him to try out a workout I was planning for boot camp this week. He did great. Pushed through when it was tough, and made it through... half of the workout. That's O.K., though. Day 1 - great effort!

Day 2, and Daddy-o was supposed to be hitting the pavement. Rain derailed the plans, though, so it was back to a little resistance training, and we added some stairs for cardio. Yipee! He was oh-so-thrilled with that addition! At the end of this one the guy who used to make every excuse in the book to avoid running said, "Tomorrow I'm RUNNING, just so you'll leave me alone!"

So there you go, folks. Want some motivation to run? I'll be happy to share some strength workouts with you. Maybe you, too, will be begging to hit the pavement just to get a day off from that. (I can't take credit for the workouts at all, though. I really just mesh together ideas from boot camp workouts and other stuff I find on the great World Wide Web for some short, intense muscle-burning fun.) :)

I'll keep you updated on Daddy-o's progress. I really am very proud of him! Did I say that already? Just wanted to be sure you knew. :)

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  1. You are so inspiring! I love you and miss our chats! Hugs!