Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday... SNOW Good to Me!

That's right folks, we have ourselves a little southern snow day here in GA. While we didn't get nearly as much as our neighbors north of Atlanta, we're making the most of it, as we are quite good at doing. We Georgians sure do know how to milk a winter storm for all it's worth! The hype and mayhem is amazing - days of news coverage promising "treacherous conditions," crowded grocery stores and empty bread aisles, schools closed before even a flake falls... It really is ridiculous, but I must admit that I love it!

When I'm teaching, I watch the school closings with anticipation right along with my son and my students, getting just as excited about a day off. This year, however, we are on the adventure known as homeschooling here in my house. Of course, it did not escape my oldest munchkin's attention that everyone else was out of school today, and he, of course, lobbied for a day off as well. Now, the snow certainly doesn't prevent him from travelling to "school" (aka the dining room table), but every kid deserves to enjoy our rare southern snow properly, right? Decisions, decisions... Yes, we will have some time off today. Maybe I'll sneak in some educational games or something, though.

This brings us to the question of how to enjoy our snow day. Of course, the oldest wants to get out and roll around in it, play football, throw snowballs, etc. He was bundled up and out the door by 9 AM. The baby and I lean more towards the "snuggle up by the fire in our slippers and Snuggies, play board games, eat soup and drink hot chocolate" approach. O.K., maybe that's just me... Baby Munchkin really only cares about staying warm. Daddy-o trekked into work as normal, which leaves me out-numbered here. This means I'm sure there will be some frozen fun on tap for today. Wish me luck.

In all seriousness, this is definitely one of those days when memories can be made. A day to treasure the wonder that snow brings and enjoy the child-like excitement that goes with it. If  you, too, are enjoying a winter wonderland on this Monday, I hope you have a fabulous, memory-making time!

On another note... I took a total rest day from exercise yesterday. I was also a bit disappointed with my pace in our training run on Saturday, and I have a bit of weight I'd like to shed before the next half-marathon. So will I make it out for a little snow run today? I have good intentions to do so. We shall see...

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