Friday, January 14, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Great Stuff for Healthy Kids

As I have learned more about health and nutrition, a new level of mom guilt has emerged - the feeling that my kiddos are not always eating the right things and getting the nutrients they need. Even the baby has started to get picky of late and won't eat many things we offer him, especially if they're green. (What's with that, by the way? How do they learn that so early?).

I have found 2 things that help my oldest munchkin get more fruit and vegetable nutrition, and - here's the really great thing - he loves them both!

1. Fruitables by Apple and Eve
I tried all kinds of "great tasting" (HA!) veggie drinks, veggie fruit blends, shake mixes with veggie nutrients, etc., and my son rejected each one. That was until we discovered Fruitables. He loves every flavor of this juice drink. He sometimes even asks for more than one throughout the day. BAM! One fruit/veggie serving in each drink without the struggle! YES!

2. Juice Plus gummies
My whole family used to take multivitamins, and I felt pretty good about that. Then I read a study about the many many benefits of whole food nutrition vs. supplement nutrition. Basically, our bodies absorb whole food nutrition much more efficiently. Blah-blah-blah, science, researchy stuff... I know... Here's the really cool thing - my son loves these things and never fails to take them, morning and night! Again - no fuss, no struggle fruit and veggie nutrition. AND, to top it off, since we started taking Juice Plus, we have stayed so healthy! Any "crud" we've picked up has been short-lived, and the incidence of the "crud" has been greatly decreased. Love it!

You do have to get Juice Plus from an independent distributor. If you don't know one, let me know. I happen to have a name. :) In fact, you can check it out online here. (O.K., I'll come clean -- it's me! Loved the stuff so much I became a distributor.)

Oh, and BONUS - when you order Juice Plus for yourself, one child's supply is free! Awesome! I know!

Now, I do have to add that these things are not substitutes for getting those kiddos to eat fruits and veggies. I'm still a big fan of "sneaking" those goodies in any way I can - shredded zucchini in lasagna, spinach in scrambled eggs, veggies in soups, stews, and on pizza. My munchkins do pretty well with fruits, but Mama has to be creative to get in the green stuff most of the time.

Of course, there's always bribery...

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies? I'd love some new tricks!


  1. Although I don't have kids myself, I've shared this link with a lot of the clients I speak with who have the same issue as you, as they told me it was helpful. Just a thought

  2. oops i forgot it was a 2 part link. here is the first few tips

  3. Thanks, Lisa! Those are some really good suggestions! :)