Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I absolutely love discovering new favorite things! And often I make these discoveries based on recommendations from others. So this gave me a little idea...


Every Friday, I'll post one of my favorite things, along with the reasons I love it. I hope you'll share some of your favorite things with me, too!

I'll begin with my very favorite, absolute top-of-my-list, can't get enough of them, running apparel -- Running Skirts! Not just any running skirt will do. I do have a couple that I picked up at the local sporting goods store, but then I found these, and I'm telling you, there's no turning back once you've run in one of these babies! I am, of course, referring to the fabulous skirts at

Why do I love thee, Running Skirts? Let me count the ways...

1. They are super-cute! Now this could really be the end of the discussion here, ladies (and gents, too, because you will surely enjoy the cuteness of the skirts as well). Really, if you're going to be getting all sweaty and stinky and such, you can at least feel cute, feminine, and fabulous about your outfit!

Photographic evidence of the cuteness:
Behold my sweet friend, Anj, after her first half-marathon. (Way to go, Anj!) Isn't she cute???

O.K., I hear you, she would look cute in a paper sack. I agree, so I present further evidence:

See? They're even cute on a "larger size" model! (If you don't agree, you can just keep that to yourself, m'kay?)
I must say that I don't even hate what it's doing for the booty here. :)

2. Seriously the most comfortable thing I've worn for running. No riding up! No bunching! No falling down and/or sagging! Feels like second skin, for real!

3. They're different from all of the ho-hum, run-of-the-mill running shorts that we see (and wear) everyday. There are A TON of different designs and fun colors, which makes them a perfect treat for that special race-day outfit. You will get lots of compliments from random strangers (and envious friends, especially when they see your race photos), so be ready!

4. Quick shipping and wonderful, personal customer service. Just the other day I was communicating via email with a Running Skirts rep, and I got fast, friendly responses every time. She helped me again when I was placing a group order for our Country Music Half Marathon gang. Skirts arrive super-fast (even from California!), and I hear they are wonderful with returns and exchanges (though I've never had to deal with this. I hold tightly to mine once they arrive).

5. They're versatile. They have a variety of styles, including the running skirt with an attached brief, an athletic skirt with attached compression shorts, capri skirts, and a sub-zero version with attached tights. Personally, I usually go with the running skirt because I can then wear my own compression shorts, capri tights, or cold gear tights underneath if needed. I do have an athletic skirt as well, standing by for warmer weather.

Now, I will admit they are a bit pricey, and that scared me away for awhile, to be honest. However, I have managed to get a few 50-65% off when they were having sales. "Like" them on Facebook, and you'll get updates about sales. Awesome! As luck would have it, there's an amazing sale right now. Skirts on the sale page are $20.11! Holy moly!!! You can even order from the Canada sale page, where there are even more options.

Go! Now! Order one (or 4)! You will not regret it!

When you're done with that, c'mon back and share one of your favorite things in the comments, please. :)

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  1. I came across your blog through the tall mom spread sheet- I have 2 running skirts prior to reading this post, then after I saw they were having a sale I bought 4 more + compression socks- thanks for the heads up!